Team of the Month - Great Balls of Fire

Sunday March 1st, 2020
Recent League Highlight

Our latest Team of the Month honour goes to Milton Wednesday Coed Volleyball Ladder veterans - 'Great Balls of Fire' - captained by Chris Laughren. On the history of his squad, Chris says "We've been playing in this league for over 8 years now. Our team has gone through a significant number of roster changes over that time, with only a few being a part of the original team, but we love the competition and the ladder structure. Recently, we've picked up a few key free agents who've helped us move up a rung on the ladder. Despite the tougher competition, we try not to take ourselves too seriously, with hopes to earn our beers/nachos at Rad Brother's (Milton bar) afterwards." Thanks to Great Balls of Fire for their great sportsmanship and commitment. We look forward to many more seasons with your squad.