How old do I have to be to play in an Average Joe league?

Average Joe Sports Club is an adults only league. The minimum age requirement to participate in any of our leagues is 18 years of age. If you are looking for sports programs for children between the ages of 2-12 please check out our sister organization, Dash Sports, for more information: https://www.dashsports.ca/

My team has to forfeit. What do I do?

If your team cannot make your scheduled game for one reason or another, please call/text/email the opposing captain, first. That way the message gets directly to the opposing team (If you only email the league and we're not available to pass the message along, the other team won't get the memo.) You can find the opposing captain's contact info by clicking on their team name in your league standings page on the Average Joe Sports Club website. After doing that, you can also leave a game comment in your game schedule. A forfeit score is 1-0.

Where can I see my league's full schedule?

Log-in to your Average Joe profile, click Dashboard, then game schedule for the league you're in. Scroll down to the bottom of your team's schedule and click the "League Game Schedule" button. Here you will find a week by week breakdown of all the games in your league (past and upcoming).

How do Individual registrations work?

Individual registrations are accepted for all of our leagues. When you want to play, but do not have enough players to form your own team, you can register as an individual. Then we, the league, will either place you on a team with other individuals (we call them "Indies" teams) or on an existing team that's short players.

When will the schedule be posted?

Our rule of thumb is that schedules get released the Friday prior to the league's start date. This may seem last minute, but it's due to late registrations and payments which must be confirmed before a schedule can be sent out. Otherwise, every time a new team joins, the schedule must be revised to include them. We'd prefer not to send multiple revised schedules so we wait until the Friday prior to make sure all teams are in (and paid for) before releasing the schedules and rosters.

Can I pay at the first game?

Sorry, we do not allow payments at the first game of the season. We do not ask part-time staff to collect money on game days. If you'd like to pay by cash/cheque please drop it off at our office in Oakville (contact us for address or look under Contact Us on the website). Or simply pay online with credit card through your Average Joe profile. We also accept e-transfers through online banking.

Where can I find the league rules?

General league rules and sport specific rules can be found in two places. 1) Log in to your Average Joe profile: then in your dashboard, click on the league you've signed up for, finally click the whistle icon. 2) From the main page of the website, click "Sports Leagues" tab along top of page. Then click "League Rules" link along right side of page to be taken to our rules list.

How would I get on the same team as my friends if we don't have enough for a full team?

Great question! If you and your friends would like to register, but do not have enough players for a full team, please register as "INDIVIDUALS". Then in the registration comment box section, please write each other's names. This way the league will know you and your friends are a package deal and we'll have you play together on the same team.

Where are Games?

Average Joe Sports Club currently offers leagues in Brampton, Mississauga, Hamilton, Milton, Burlington and Oakville. We hope to expand to neighbouring communities as we continue to grow. The venues themselves will be a mix of school facilities (fields and gyms), community centres, public fields and private facilities.

When are the Games?

Games are played once a week on a given day, Monday through Sunday. For example, if you sign up for Monday soccer, you know you have a game each week on Monday. Games are scheduled during the evening. If you have a special request for games times or locations, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do I need to have my roster completed before registering my team?

No. You can add players at anytime. The only stipulation is that they have to be added to your roster before they play in a game. In order to be eligible for the playoffs, members must have played the minimum number of games (please check the rules for the minimum games for each season) with the team.

How do I add players to my roster?

Once you have registered your team, add players to your roster by signing into your profile and clicking onto your team. From there, you can invite players to your team by entering in their name and email. They will receive an email from Average Joe Sports Club telling them that they have been invited to your team. They then click on the link in the email and create a profile for themselves. Once they do this, they will automatically be added to your team.

What is the skill level of the leagues?

The skill level varies depending on the teams that sign up. However, generally these leagues are very recreational in nature. People new to a sport are welcome to join. Also, there will be many players that are skilled. Essentially, it is a mix of all skill levels. The goal is to have fun. When there are enough teams signed up, Average Joe Sports Club will divide the leagues into 2 divisions along skill levels.

Do you run leagues year-round?

Yes. We will have 4 seasons of fun, recreational sports leagues (spring, summer, fall and winter). The sports offered will change slightly depending on the season.

Do you have any sponsor bars?

Yes. We have deals set up at local bars in the most areas we have leagues running (Click here to visit our Partners page for a complete list). We encourage you to take advantage of these deals after your game (or any other time). The more often Average Joe Sports Club members visit our sponsor bars, the better our deals will become. When you go to a sponsor bar, make sure you tell them that you are with Average Joe Sports Club.

Are there prizes for the winning teams?

Yes. There are prizes for the winning teams in each league. Each team member will get a "champion" t-shirt.

What the heck are spirit points?

Spirit Points are awarded by each team to their opponents after each game. They can range from 0 to 5 points in increments of .25. Essentially, they are a subjective grade of the amount of spirit that a team displayed when they played. If a team was on-time, enthusiastic, showed sportsmanship and generally fun to play against, their opponents would give them a score of 5 spirit points. Spirit points given are not visible by anyone in the league except league administrators. This way, there will be no strategic gaming with the awarding of spirit points. Note: As of 2019, spirit points will no longer be calculated.