Average Joe Sports Club is the place where everyday adults can play in co-ed recreational sports leagues. We emphasize meeting people, staying active and above all, having FUN! Young professionals deserve to take some time each week to get in a good run, meet some new people...and most importantly, have some fun.

Average Joe Sports Club runs sports league year round. The sports will vary depending on the season, but the philosophy doesn't change.

The number one rule is to have fun. Members must always keep that in mind. There are no pro scouts at our games. It is expected that every member will play with sportmanship and in a safe manner.

Our games are self-officiated, so we rely on our members to play honestly and fairly.

There are no annual membership fees. A member is simply anyone who registers to play in one of our leagues. You can sign up as a team, as an individual or as a group of individuals. When you sign up as a team, you control who you play with. When you sign up as an individual, you are placed on a team of other individuals. If you have a friend (or two or three…) that you want to play with, but you don't have enough for a team, include their name(s) when you register and we will make sure that you are placed on the same team.