Softball Leagues

Where do you want to play?

Where do you want to play?

About Softball Leagues
at Average Joe Sports Club

Softball is the most popular sport with Average Joe Sports Club. Adult Softball Leagues are extremely popular in all of our areas, including Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, and Hamilton. In the spring and summer months, our softball leagues run every day of the week, and we offer Men's Softball Leagues as wel as Coed Softball Leagues.

Our outdoor softball leagues (played in the spring, summer, and fall seasons) are co-ed leagues, with 9 fielders on the field at all times, 3 of which must be female. All of our Softball leagues are 3-pitch leagues, whereby teams pitch to their own teammates, and each batter has only 3 pitches to work with each at each at bat. This helps to speed the game for the defence, and also makes sure that everyone gets to bat many times throughout the game. Our softball leagues get more and more popular every season, and we usually end up with as many of 5-6 pools of teams on some nights, with 6-8 teams in each pool.

Our indoor softball league is played in the winter months, at an indoor turf facility. The field is narrow, so we play a variation of the game with only 6 fielders. We also implement other unique rules, such as balls are live off the side walls, and as long as the hit goes forward, its a fair ball, so we have very few foul balls. Its a unique spin on the game, but is a lot of fun and is a great way to continue playing throughout the winter months.

In both the indoor softball and outdoor softball leagues, we get a great mix of players who are either new to the sport (or just coming back to it after many years) and some experienced players that are sick of the competitive, overly aggressive male or female adult leagues. Our Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and Hamilton softball leagues are a great way to get active, meet people and have some fun.

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