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Softball (Spring, , Summer)
Burlington/Oakville 3 Tournaments
Hamilton 2 Tournaments
Mississauga 1 Tournament

Soccer (Summer)
Burlington/Oakville 1 Tournament

Ultimate Frisbee (Summer)
Burlington/Oakville 1 Tournament

Flag Football (Summer)
Burlington/Oakville 1 Tournament

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Basketball (Spring, )
Hamilton 3 Leagues

Dodgeball - Court (Spring, )
Hamilton 1 League

Flag Football (Spring, )
Hamilton 2 Leagues
Mississauga 1 League

Floor Hockey (Spring)

Soccer (Spring, )
Hamilton 4 Leagues
Milton (USC) 3 Leagues
Mississauga 3 Leagues

Softball (Spring, )
Brampton 1 League
Hamilton 4 Leagues
Milton (USC) 1 League
Mississauga 3 Leagues

Ultimate Frisbee (Spring, Summer)
Mississauga 1 League

Volleyball - Beach (Spring)
Milton (USC) 3 Leagues
Mississauga 2 Leagues

Volleyball - Court (Spring)
Hamilton 1 League

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