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Where do you want to play?

About Kickball/Soccer Baseball Leagues at Average Joe Sports Club

Average Joe Sports Club is offering a new sport in 2014 in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and Hamilton.  Kickball or Soccer Baseball is a sport that most of us played in elementary school. Played at either recess or in gym class, everyone remembers the excitement of picking teams, anticipation of kicking and running the bases.  Kickball or Soccer Baseball has had a resurgence as an adult sport. Kickball or Soccer Baseball is a great way to get active in our Kickball or Soccer baseball league or Kickball or Soccer baseball tournament.

Kickball or Soccer baseball is a very fun sport that is a mix of Softball and Dodgeball.  The game was invited in the early 20th century by a park superintendent in Ohio. It was then used by physical education teacher to get kids active and teach them the basic rules of baseball.  Kickball has gained popularity in the United States as an adult sport and has just recently gained popularity in Canada.

Kickball or Soccer baseball is played on a softball diamond with a 8.5” rubber ball.  Teams pitch to their own team with 3 balls per kicker.  Just like baseball, when a kicker kicks the ball they have to run the bases in order to get a run. Kickers can get out by being forced out on a base, defensive team catching a pop fly or kicker getting tagged by the ball below the neck.

Kickball or Soccer Baseball is a great sport for so many different types of players/teams.  It is a great sport for company teams that have a wide range of interests and athletic abilities.  People just looking to get involved in a fun activity really enjoy it because unlike most sports (where you will be going against some that have been playing the sport their whole lives), most people are relatively new to kickball or Soccer Baseball  (at least as an adult).  People who are looking for a fun time while still getting a good workout love this game. The rules of the game and the spirit of those playing make the Average Joe Sports Club Kickball or Soccer Baseball league in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and Hamilton a really fun way to learn a great sport.

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