League Rules

Floor Hockey (4-on-4, Co-ed)

This is a Recreational league. The goal is to have fun, not to make a case that you were overlooked for the NHL. Aggressive players are not welcome.

1. ZERO TOLERANCE to Violence, Abuse and Unsportsmanlike Conduct

  • Occurrences and reoccurrences of rough play will not be allowed. If any occurs, you will be asked to sit off for a few minutes or the remainder of the game. If this behaviour continues you may be suspended or ejected from the league without refund.
  • If there is any confrontation then both players should be asked to sit for a shift immediately by their captains. If this continues then players may be asked to leave the game or league. Captains are to take responsibility for their players, please talk to your players if they are becoming too aggressive.
  • Disputes must be handled first by the two team captains and the coordinator. If there has been no solution in 2 minutes the two or more offending players will be asked to leave the game immediately.

2. Equipment

  1. Players are to use the equipment provided by Average Joe Sports Club. Average Joe Sports Club uses only DOM plastic sticks with plastic blades. There will also be a goalie stick, goalie mask and rubber game balls provided.
  2. Players may bring their own sticks but only the league sanctioned standard stick. *DOM PRO sticks with plastic blades ONLY. (sticks must be identifiable as DOM sticks do not cover up the logos or you may have to remove the tape to prove it to the opposing team and the coordinator) - this is the standard with no exceptions.
  3. NO WOOD anywhere on the court.


Blocker, Trapper, Mask, Chest Protector (back catcher style only), Goalie Stick (NO WOOD), jock/jill.

  1. No attached chest protector (shoulder pads + elbow pads + arm guards)
  2. No hockey pants
  3. Other Goalie sticks are to be a plastic blade with a DOM shaft purchased separately or use the provided league sticks
  4. Goalies must use masks or will not be allowed to play
  5. Goalies may wear shin pads or knee pads. If they wear shin pads, they must be worn under pants or socks. The reason is the hard plastic scratches the gym floor.
  6. Goalies may NOT wear traditional goalie pads (This is not the NHL circa 2002 where every game ends in a 2-1 score. The idea is to have some scoring)


Optional - gloves, shin pads

  1. Absolutely No wood allowed - sticks, shafts or blades
  2. Personal sticks - DOM floor hockey sticks only (available at sports stores) all other sticks, shafts, blades are NOT allowed

Please note that the Average Joe Sports Club Coordinators ARE NOT REFEREES.

  1. They are there to ensure the facilities are set up. Teams should referee their own games. If you seek consultation from the coordinators then it is just that … a consultation not a ruling.
  2. If there are questions in regards to rules or plays that cannot be answered by the on-site coordinator, please email the office and we will address your concerns by the following week.

3. Game Play Rules

  1. Arms-length guideline: To ensure there is minimal contact, we play with an arms-length policy. This means players should yield approximately one arm's length to opposing players. For example, if someone is going into the corner to secure the ball, the opposing player should yield an arm's length cushion to allow them to get the ball. This is recreational co-ed floor hockey with males and females of all sizes and we do not want physical play.
  3. The game is played with 3 players plus a goalie.
  4. You must have 1 female on the court at all times.(this may include the goalie).
  5. If a team is short a player, teams may start as long as each team has at least 2 people plus a goalie. Teams may decide to waive gender requirements if BOTH teams agree. IF THE TEAMS AGREE TO PLAY, THEN THE GAME COUNTS. Teams will be given a 10 minute grace period to have players showing up before defaulting. However, the game will still end at the scheduled time.
  6. As a courtesy teams may ask other teams to substitute. You cannot have a full team substitute for your team if you are going to be away. You must have some of the original team members play the game. All substitutes must be an Average Joe Sports Club member and have an online profile.
  7. During playoffs you may NOT bring in any player that has not played in your team at least twice during the regular season and/or not signed the league waiver.
  8. Team Captains must discuss the default situation prior to the start of the game. Both team captains must agree on whether a default will be called or not. Captains may not change their mind at the end of the game.
  9. Any team defaulting more than 2 games may be asked to leave the league.
  10. Games begin sharply at the scheduled time. Games are 55 minutes straight time. Please ensure that your team arrives on time and is ready to play when the game begins.
  11. Rotate in your extra players.
  12. The game begins with a 1-2-3 tap face-off (alternatively known as N-H-L)
  14. When starting at half, you must pass the ball to a player who is over the centreline before scoring (the goalie does not count as this player).
  15. After a goal is scored, the scoring team must retreat to their side of half. The scored upon team takes possession of the ball. The scoring team cannot pass over half until one player on the scored upon team passes half (does not have to be the ball carrier). The team with possession of the ball should wait until the scoring team gets back over half.
  16. Teams should not abuse the above rule by delaying the game in order to waste time off the clock. This would be cheap. Don't be cheap.
  17. NO SLAP SHOTS - defined as a shot raised above the knee during windup. Goals in or deflected will not count the player will be warned one time by opposing team captain and enforced by own team captain.
  18. Sticks must ALWAYS stay below the waist (this includes wind ups and follow throughs).
  19. STICK CHECKING - although part of any normal game, aggressive stick checking causing injury will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from the game.
  20. Team captain of the opposing team may call on the offending player to keep the aggression down and offending player's captain must observe and reiterate this.
  21. Stick check resulting from an aggressive ARC up or down is construed as aggressive and is not necessary.
  22. Repeat offenders may be ejected from the game. Further offences may be ejected from the league.
  23. No hand passes.
  24. Expect REASONABLE resistance if you have your back or your head down to the defender
  25. REASONABLE resistance - IS NOT Crosschecking, any use of the hockey stick for other than shooting the ball, or a safe and controlled stick check will be grounds for ejection from the league
  26. Pushing a player, in defense or "rushing" is NOT reasonable resistance
  27. No players are allowed in the goalie crease (ie. No standing or running through) If there are no definable lines, both teams should determine the crease prior to starting play. Typically this should be considered as the box immediately in front of the goalie net. Both captains should clearly determine what the crease is prior to the beginning of the game.
  28. For the safety of the goaltender, he/she should not smother the ball outside the crease area, including behind the goal or the corners of the playing surface.
  29. Goalies must keep one foot in the crease at all times
  30. The goaltender may freeze the ball - during which there will be no further attempt to attack the ball if visible but handled by the goaltender.
  31. A goalie can kick the ball to a teammate, however can only score if using their stick.
  32. A goalie cannot be pulled to gain an extra man advantage.
  33. No timeouts or delays.
  34. Courtesy time outs are discussed by team captains before play begins.
  35. No intentional sliding allowed (except the goalie in the basketball key) and players cannot drop to one knee to block a pass
  36. A player cannot kick a ball into the net. However, if a ball goes off a foot accidentally it counts.
  37. A regular season game can end in a tie. Playoff games cannot end in a tie. At the end of regulation, there will be 3 minutes of sudden death play. If a goal is not scored in the overtime, the game will go to a shoot out. The four players on the floor at the end of regulation will shoot from a stationary spot on the floor (about 15 feet from the goal line) one at a time with teams alternating shots. The goalie at the end of regulation must be in net. If the game is not decided after 4 shooters, then other players from the bench will shoot one at a time. If the game is not decided after each team has shot one additional shot each, another shooter will go for each team. This will continue until a winner is decided. Once all players have shot, then the original shooters will go again.
  38. Contact with a high stick results in an indirect ball for the opposing team. A goal scored by a high stick does not count.
  39. The ball is always in play unless it goes out of bounds (e.g. on to a gym stage). When it goes out of bounds, the team that did not touch it last takes an indirect possession (the player must pass the ball before scoring, although they can stickhandle first). The opposing team must give the player at least a 3 foot cushion.

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