League Rules
Floor Hockey (Co-ed, Mississauga)

This is NOT competitive hockey, there is NO body contact. Overly aggressive players will be asked to leave the league


  • Games are played with 5 players on each side [4 forwards and a goalie]; one player on the court must be female.
  • Teams need a minimum of 4 players to avoid a default, one of which must be of the opposite gender.
  • If a Team's Goalie is Female all other players on the court are allowed to be male.
  • Average Joe Sports Club prefers not to have teams defaulting their games (people pay to play not to win by default), so we ask that both captains come to an agreement to have a game played. If an agreement cannot be made, then the game convener will step in and arbitrate an agreement. In most cases, teams short on players will play short-handed.


  • Pulling the goalie for an extra player is not permitted.
  • Please keep your body and stick out of the playing area. This means keeping yourself and your stick in the player box. Please store your bags, coats, etc. safely out of the way.
  • Disputed Goals: If there is a disagreement as to whether a 'goal' has been scored, a decision must be made quickly. A player from the team who was 'scored' against should confirm whether any of his/her teammates saw the ball go in. Both captains should resolve the issue and come to an agreement prior to proceeding.
  • Call penalties when needed: Average Joe Sports Club convenor will step in and eject players who are a threat to the fun or safety of their opponents. If there is any major issues during the game, please report to Average Joe Sports Club as soon as possible. Average Joe Sports Club will investigate and determine a recommendation.
  • No Rushing after Goal Scored: A team who is scored on must allow the scoring team to return to their half of the court before they can proceed to cross half and play the ball.


  • Players should purchase their own DOM Elite or DOM Pro sticks to use during the season. Sticks can be bought at T Litzen or Sports Equipment of Toronto. Goalies should also supply their own equipment. Average Joe Sports Club will provide the necessary equipment to have games played like the balls and nets. Average Joe Sports Club will also provide a few DOM hockey sticks as well as one set of goalie equipment [i.e. mask, goalie pads, goalie stick, blocker, glove]. All equipment will be issued by a first come first served basis.
  • Only DOM Hockey sticks and DOM goalie sticks fitted with plastic blades will be allowed. Ordering information for the DOM sticks can be found here. http://www.domsports.com/gym_hockey_elite.htm (Any type of wood or composite sticks are NOT allowed).
  • Team jerseys: All players from both teams should bring both white and dark shirts to each game. The captains can decide prior to the game which team will wear which color. Teams may also pick their own unique color to wear in the games (NOT black or white) - in this case, they do not need to bring an alternate shirt to the game.
  • Players can opt to wear protective gear such as helmets, shin pads, hockey gloves, mouth guards and/or eyewear.


  • Matches will be as many minutes as the league has scheduled for your time slot. The clock starts at the scheduled game time and teams should warm-up for no more than 5 minutes. Your game must end exactly when the next one is scheduled to begin, regardless of what time your game actually started.
  • Score and time keeping must be managed by representatives (usually the players on the bench) from both teams. The clock does not stop for any reason as each game must end on time.
  • Games consist of two 25-minute periods, with a 2 minute intermission. In regular season games, ties are allowed - no overtime or shoot-out.

During playoffs, tied games will be broken as followed:

  1. a 3-minute sudden death overtime period
  2. a shoot-out: 4 players from each team get to take a penalty shot.

One of 4 shooters from each team needs to be female. After four shots each, the team with the most goals wins. If the score remains tied, each team alternates shooters until the tie is broken per pair of shooters.


Face-Offs:Center ice face-offs occur to start each period. If a ball is shot out of bounds or there is penalty or other stoppage in play, possession of the ball is given to the team that was not the last one to touch it before going out of bounds. The ball must hit the floor before a player can play the ball on a face-off.

High Sticking:When the shaft of a stick goes above the waist. This encompasses shooting, waving for a pass, running down the floor, going around an opponent or after a goal. Ball In Play: All areas (wall, ceiling) are 'live'. The only exceptions are if a ball is dumped into an area that is not considered part of the playing floor (the stage, behind the player bench/mats, etc). Icing and off sides are not in effect.

Crease Area:Both captains should confirm the size of crease area (usually one and half stick away from the net) prior to the start of the game. A player may enter the crease to score a goal but offensive players may NOT stand in the crease area in an attempt to obstruct the goalie's view or movement.

Goalie Possession:If a goalie gains possession of the ball they have two options: They can use their stick and pass the ball immediately or they can pick up the ball and drop it over their net to their own player. If the goalie chooses to drop the ball behind the net, his/her team now has 3 seconds to put the ball in play. The opposing team must not cross behind the plane of the net until three seconds have passed.

Changing On The Fly:If changing on the fly, players must be fully off the playing area before their replacement goes on.


If a player commits an infraction, the player or his teammates are EXPECTED to call it. You can call an infraction by apologizing to your opponent and stepping back from the play. If you have illegally taken the ball because of an infraction, give the ball back to them and resume play.

  • High Sticking: Sticks need to be kept below the waist in the event of a shot or pass (this includes both wind-up and follow through). If the stick comes above a height that is deemed too high then the play should be stopped and the opposing team receive the ball.
  • Reaching Between Players Legs: A player should not place their stick between other player’s legs to try to get the ball. This can result in tripping and/or a greater injury. In the case this is made a foul should be called and play should stop.
  • Holding or Pushing: A player cannot use their forearm or hand on another player's body.
  • Using the Body To Advance: A player cannot advance towards their opponent by using their backside as a shield. Any goals made from a backside advance will not count.
  • Gloved Pass: You cannot pass the ball to your teammate by directing the ball to them with your hands. You may catch the ball, but you must drop the ball to the floor immediately. Goalies are also restricted from throwing the ball to a teammate.
  • Lifting The Stick: No player is permitted to 'lift' their opponents stick while they are receiving a pass or in possession of the ball.
  • DO NOT HACK at the goalie while they are trying to gain possession of the ball.
  • Goal Crease: Goalies who do not maintain one foot in their crease at all times should call themselves on an infraction.
  • Too many players: If a player comes onto the floor before their replacement has reached the bench and, especially if the player coming out has contacted the ball, an infraction should be called.
  • Delay of Game: Any player who purposely shoots the ball out of bounds or deliberately falls on a ball to stop play has committed an infraction.

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