League Rules
5-on-5 Co-ed Basketball

5-on-5 Co-ed Basketball Rules

A team defaults if they arrive 15 minutes late from the scheduled start time. The opposing team has the option of waiving the default and playing the match.

The game is played with 5 players per side with at least one woman on the court at all times.

A jump ball will start each game. A jump ball will also be called if possession of the ball can not be decided on by the referee.

All baskets count as 1 point. Scores and time must be kept by one of the players sitting off.

All NBA rules apply in this league except: 3 seconds in the key and illegal defense.

Goaltending is not allowed.

Referees will call all fouls and will give out technical fouls to players that consistently criticize their calls.
Players that receive two technical fouls will be asked to leave the game.

After a foul, the ball is taken either from the side or at the top of the key. If the ball is taken at the top of the key, the player must pass the ball off first before scoring.

Teams will be allowed 7 team fouls during each half where each subsequent foul thereafter will result in a free throw. During the last 10 minutes of each half, one foul shot will be awarded for fouls called during a shot attempt but, whichever comes first - 7 team fouls or the last 10 minutes, the MRSC foul shooting system will be in place. Successful foul shots will be counted as one basket and missed foul shots can be rebounded. Time will not stop during a foul shot. During the last 2 minutes of each game, teams will have 25 seconds to attempt a shot. The referee will be responsible for the count down.

You may rotate in extra players during play only if your team has possession.

There are no timeouts.

Games are two 25 minute halves with a 5 minute half time.

**OVERTIME - A jump ball will start ALL overtime games.  In the event of a tie during the PLAYOFFS, a 3 minute game will be played to decide the winner.  If the score remains tied after the first overtime then a 2 minute sudden death period will be granted.  There will be no breaks in-between overtimes.  The first team to score a point; foul shots included, will be declared the winner of the game.  There are no overtime games during the regular season and any team fouls accrued during regular game time will be counted in all over times.

**Revised April 2nd 2007

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