League Rules
5-on-5 Men's Basketball

5-on-5 Men's Basketball Rules

Every game will be officiated by two Basketball Refs, who will call the rules according to International Basketball Association (FIBA) rules. (http://www.fiba.com/basketball-rules)

For rules concerning roster sizes, player eligibility, defaults and other general Average Joe rules, please view the following link: https://www.averagejoesports.ca/brands/ajs/pages/rules/rules-general.php

  1. All Games are roughly 55 minutes in length, which includes 2 x 20 minute halves, a 5-10 minute warm-up, and a short break at half-time.
  2. The clock stops for time outs.
  3. "Stop-time" will be played during the final minute of the 1st half; and during the final 2 minutes of the 2nd half if the difference in score is 12 or less.
  4. The clock does not stop when a basket is scored.
  5. All players must wear a shirt with a permanent number (no tape). The number must be: different from the numbers of his/her teammates AND a minimum of 4” tall and proportionally wide so as to be easily visible.
  6. The colour of the shirt must be the same / similar to those worn by teammates AND different from the colour of the shirts worn by the opponents.
  7. One player per team will be allowed to play without a number. They will be listed on the game sheet as “0” or “blank”. If a 2nd player on the same team has no number, they will be allowed to play as “00” and as a penalty the opponents will be awarded 2 free throws. A 3rd such player will not be allowed to play.
  8. Official games will not start unless both teams have 5 players each. As per referee policy they will not referee a game if this standard is not met or if a game has been forfeited. Teams may recruit players from other teams to avoid a forfeit during the regular season. Teams have 10 minutes after the scheduled start time to assemble their 5 players to begin the game. The clock will start running

Playoffs: During playoffs teams need their rostered players to play unless both teams agree to waive this rule.

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