League Rules
3-on-3 Basketball

3-on-3 Basketball Rules

All normal basketball rules apply with the following exceptions:

  1. Matches are 55 minutes long. They end 55 minutes after the scheduled start time regardless of actual start time.
  2. All baskets are worth 1 point.
  3. There is no 3-second in the key rule.
  4. Possession is played losers out (after a team scores, the opposing team gains possession).
  5. There must be one pass off the top before scoring.
  6. Fouls can be called by either team. When a foul is called, if the ball does not go in, possession is retained. If the ball goes in, the basket counts and possession is given to the defending team. (Just like any normal scoring play).
  7. Games are played to 7 points dead (You do not need to win by 2). Each game won will be worth one point. The team with the most won games will win the match (and the 2 points in the standings).
  8. For out-of-bounds, possession will be taken at the top of the key.
  9. If the end of time is reached in the middle of a game, the game counts if one of the teams reaches 4 points (e.g. 4-3 in the last game would count towards the score, but 3-2 would not).

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