Men's (5-on-5) (Tuesday) - Malone Division Basketball Mississauga

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League Information

Starts Tuesday June 4th, 2019
Ends Tuesday August 20th, 2019
Registration Opened Friday February 8th, 2019
Registration Deadline Wednesday May 22nd, 2019
Season(s) Spring
Games Played/Day 1
Game Times Tuesdays 7pm to 11:10pm starts (50 minute time-slots per game)
Game Locations Mississauga
Location Type Indoor
Read Location Notes

Team Requirements

Players on Field/Team 5
Minimum Players/Team 5
Maximum Players/Team 20
Minimum Females/Team 0
Minimum Males/Team 5
Recommended Players/Team 9-12

Registration & Pricing

Individuals $199.00
Teams $1399.00

League Notes:

  • NEW FOR 2019! This league was previously run by the City of Mississauga
  • Format: This league is played 5-on-5 on a full, hardwood basketball court 
  • Game Length: All games are 2 x 20 minute halves
  • Gender Requirements: This is a Men's Basketball league. Women are welcome to sign up and play, but should be prepared to play against Men
  • Length of Season: This Season is 12 weeks long (10 weeks of regular season). Unlike previous seasons under the City of Mississauga, there will be no exhibition games.
  • Playoffs: Every team is guaranteed 2 weeks of playoffs, with the top 4 teams playing for the championship (in each division, should there be multiple)
  • Exclusion Dates: None
  • Jerseys: Teams are required to have team jerseys with numbers on both the front and back of the jerseys. Individual registration (as opposed to a team reg.) will be provided with a jersey (team registrations must provide their own jerseys). Individuals who have an Average Joe jersey from the past season can elect to use their previous jersey and pay $25 less (please contact us for details at
  • Officials: Every game will be officiated by two experienced Basketball Refs, plus a scorekeeper and stats record-keeper
  • Rules: The refs will call the rules according to International Basketball Association (FIBA) rules
  • Equipment: There are no equipment requirements for this league. Game balls will be provided
  • Other: All registration fees are subject to HST. Your spot is not guaranteed until you have paid in full.  

Skill Level Breakdown:

It is expected that all teams and players will be of intermediate or competitive skill level.

  • Recreational: Very basic skills. Some players may be playing the sport for the first time
  • Intermediate: Players have good skills. Players probably all have played basketball at High School level, but may be lacking one or more of 1) a strong post player 2) a ball handler 3) a strong shooter
  • Competitive: Each team has a strong post player, a ball handler and a strong shooter (or multiple players have a combination of the three)

Location Notes:

  • Mississauga Valley Community Centre (this beautiful City-operated facility has hardwood floors, glass backboards, high ceilings & changerooms)
  • Other locations may be used if necessary

League Rules

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