Recreational Co-ed 3 Pitch (Thursday) Softball

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League Information

Starts Thursday July 12th, 2018
Ends Thursday August 30th, 2018
Registration Opened Thursday May 24th, 2018
Registration Deadline Wednesday June 27th, 2018
Season(s) Summer
Games Played/Day 1
Game Times Thursdays @ 7:00pm (645pm starts later in season)
Game Locations Mississauga
Location Type Outdoor
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Team Requirements

Players on Field/Team 9
Minimum Players/Team 9
Maximum Players/Team 30
Minimum Females/Team 3
Minimum Males/Team 3
Recommended Players/Team 12-15

Registration & Pricing

Individuals $96.00
Teams $670.00 (Plus Deposit)

League Notes:

  • Teams need to have a minimum of 3 females on the field
  • Teams pitch to themselves
  • Summer season is 8 weeks long (6 regular season games followed by 2 playoff games)
  • All games are self-officiated
  • Teams are supplied with one set of real bases, a set of softballs, a scorebook and a bag to carry it all
  • When the equipment is returned at the end of the season, the equipment deposit will be returned
  • The top 4 teams play for the championship, however, all teams get 2 weeks of play during the playoffs
  • Rained out games may be made up on another night of the week
  • No exclusion dates
  • All registration fees are subject to HST
  • Your spot is not guaranteed until you have paid
Should teams have their own bases please email us to refund your deposit.

Location Notes:

  • Tobias Mason Park 
  • Bell Habour Park
  • Meadow Green Park
  • Heritage Hills Park
  • Quenippenon Park (aka Q Park)
  • Paul Coffey Park (formerly known as Wildwood)
  • Frank Dowling Park 
  • Gullenden Park 
  • City View Park
  • Kings Park
  • Wynten Way (Miss/Oakville border - only used if over capacity) 
  • Clearview Park (Miss/Oakville border - only used if over capacity) 
  • Please note that while these diamonds (Wynten & Clearview) are not technically in the City of Mississauga, they ARE along the border on the west end. Wynten and Clearview are considered Oakville. However, both diamonds are very close to Mississauga which is why they may be used.
  • Other diamonds in the Mississauga area may be used


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League Rules

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