Recreational (5-on-5) (Monday) Flag Football

Registration is currently closed for this League.

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Can't play Mondays?

We have Flag Football on Weds in Burlington/Oakville and Thurs in Hamilton.

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League Information

Starts Monday May 21st, 2018
Ends Monday July 16th, 2018
Registration Opened Tuesday February 13th, 2018
Registration Deadline Wednesday May 9th, 2018
Season(s) Spring
Games Played/Day 1
Game Times Mondays @ 7pm
Game Locations Mississauga
Location Type Outdoor
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Team Requirements

Players on Field/Team 5
Minimum Players/Team 5
Maximum Players/Team 20
Minimum Females/Team 0
Minimum Males/Team 5
Recommended Players/Team 8-10

Registration & Pricing

Teams $585.00 (Plus Deposit)

League Notes:

  • Games will be played on a field that is 50 paces long with 10 yard end zones (approx the same size as our ultimate fields)
  • The spring season runs for 8 weeks - 6 weeks of regular season and 2 weeks of playoffs.
  • Games WILL be played on Victoria Day (May 21st), not on Canada Day (July 2nd)
  • There will be a separate summer season
  • Teams will have 4 downs to score a touchdown
  • A league convener will be present
  • Like our 3-on-3 basketball league (and unlike the rest of our sports), there is no female requirement in this league. Females are welcome to play, but they should be prepared to play against mostly males.
  • 5 steam boat rush
  • Games are 90 minutes long (including 5 minutes for half-time)
  • Refundable equipment deposit of $50.00 for teams (deposit will be refunded at the end of the season when equipment is returned)
  • This is a fun, recreational league...please no hyper-agressive players
  • There is no blocking or contact allowed
  • Spots are not confirmed until we receive payment.

Location Notes:

There may be some changes depending on permits and registration numbers. However, fields that will most likely be used are...

  • Hawthorne Park
  • Brown's Heights Park
  • FB McFarren Park
  • Four Winds Hollow Park
  • Other grass fields in Mississauga may be used

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League Rules

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